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The Journey from Moor to Plate

We are unique that our beef is produced on our farm, slaughtered by a local abattoir and then professionally butchered on site. We are therefore able to offer our premium beef directly, using no intermediary, and thus severely reducing our ‘meat mileage’.

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We prepare our orders to leave on Thursday each week for delivery on Friday. Please make sure that you order by midnight on Wednesday to be certain of a Friday delivery.

From our Moor to your Door

Slow Grazing on the North York Moors

Our ‘Belties’ thrive on grazing our rugged part of the North York Moors, occupied by the Estate.

21 Days Hung

Our Belted Galloway beef is well hung for at least 21 days as a minimum producing delicious, grass fed beef.

Expertly Butchered Cuts

Our meat is delivered fresh to you in an insulated & hygienic polystyrene box,  we use sorba-freeze pads to ensure that your meat remains chilled for up to 48 hours.

From Moor to your Door

You get beef that is both nutritionally good for you (high in Omega 3 & 6) and has a full bodied taste. Check out our Hows To’s and Recipes for ways to enjoy your meat box.

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