Our Belted Galloway Beef Cuts


The ‘Rolls Royce’ cut, due to its tenderness and melt in the mouth texture. This prized cut is only very small in terms of size and is both lean and full of flavour. It lends itself to being accompanied by a rich sauce & is best cooked rare or medium rare.


This is a versatile cut, that lends itself to being rolled as the best roasting joint and of course, some fantastic steaks. A rather delicate flavour, tender but with a firm texture that has a rich layer of marling and fat to ensure it stays both moist & succulent.


A firmer texture often cut larger and thin in comparison to other steak cuts, full of flavour and imperative to let this cut ‘rest’ once it has been cooked – we would recommend medium rare.


The most popular cut due to its natural ‘ribeye’ marbling, rich flavour and fillet like tenderness. We wholly recommend that this steak is cooked medium rare to ensure the fat content is rendered when cooking, is well rested and is fantastic accompanied with a bearnaise or peppercorn sauce.

Flat Iron

A popular modern cut that is taken from the shoulder of the animal, this steak has great marbling and is both lean and tender; similar to fillet but different in both appearance and has more texture. This cut shows the dexterity of the butcher, with the external ‘gristle’ being carefully removed to ensure some texture without being tough or chewy.

Picanha Rump

This cut is considered the finest by the aficionados of South America, this is the cap of the rump and is triangular in shape & has a thick layer of fat to ensure that it is full of flavour. The Picanha is quite a thick cut and lends itself to be cooked medium rare, to ensure the fat is rendered and then is commonly sliced for sharing.


The best sharing steak cut, this is the fillet ‘centre cut or tail and is incredibly tender. This steak is best served at the table, either sliced and is ideal for celebrating with some theatre, some accompanying sauces & a treat for two or more.


Slow Cooking Favourites – DICED, MINCE, BRISKET & SHIN

All of the above are most versatile and can be used in different seasons and dishes; whether it be a hearty beef bourguignon using diced beef or a slow cooked and flavoursome shin, such dishes are ideal for winter warming evenings.

Topside, Silverside & Brisket Joints

We all enjoy roast beef with Yorkshire Puddings, roast potatoes & vegetables, and our joints provide bags of flavour and help create the best gravy. It is essential that there is a initial ‘blast’ in the oven, then a slow, gradual cook before resting for at least 30 mins before serving. To ensure you realise the full potential of our beef, all beef joints are best cooked medium rare to ensure that they remain moist, succulent & not chewy.

Quick Cook Cuts – Burgers, Medallions & Frying Steak

The above cuts are ideally prepared for tasty sandwiches, building your own burger & for people with less time on their hands. They are also perfect for BBQ’s and our burgers are both incredibly meaty and flavoursome.

Steak & Ale ‘Beltie Pies’

These award winning, handmade pies are extremely popular at our café, restaurant and shop at Lordstones. They are shortcrust, made purely with butter and a contain a slow braised steak & ale beef mix that is rich and so delicious.


Best British Grass Fed Beef

Our pedigree cattle produce grass fed, award winning beef in terms of its tenderness, succulence and most importantly, flavour.

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