Meat the team

Pat Reeve

Stockman & Cattle Management

Pat has a passion for our herd of Belties; he has been with us from the beginning, with the initial establishment of the herd & our progression from 2008.

His core responsibilities include ensuring that the cattle are in their finest condition, with sufficient feeding, assisting with any ailments or injury and basically helping our pedigree cattle have the best life possible grazing our rugged hills.


James Reeve

Butchery & Shop Management

James works closely with his younger brother, Pat, to enable us to have the best quality beef produce for him to showcase. James has a great eye for detail, whether it be on the skillful butchery of our beef carcass, to the packaging and ensuring that all our beef looks appetising to the eye.

James also manages the shop & meat supplies at Lordstones, where he can receive direct feedback from our chefs & loyal customers about the quality of our produce & for example, this has allowed us to hang our beef for the optimum time for the best results in terms of wastage, flavour and of course, tenderness.